OPEN-Languages — Mgr. Ondrej Polisensky, M. A.

Courses of Czech

Since 2011, we offer top quality courses of Czech language. Each course is adapted to the needs of students. Therefore, it is you, who can choose how often will your course take place and what will be the course focused on. For the courses that are taught by highly qualified native speaker, we use modern text books from Czech linguists as well as authentic and interactive accompanying materials. Teaching methods are always chosen according to the needs of individual students or groups. Lessons are lead according to innovative approaches such as task-ased learning, IT-enhanced learning, or methods fostering intercultural communication.


Various types of courses are available, depending on your needs:

  • General Czech course
  • Business Czech course
  • Czech Language Certificate Exam (CCE) preparation course
  • Czech and sports trips
  • Czech conversation course

The courses take place in Zürich, Winterthur, and Schaffhausen, as well as online via Skype.

Moreover, we offer language trips, where learning and free-time activities are combined.

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